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--- Comment #6 from Leandro Martín Drudi <sanipachenko at outlook.com.ar> ---
(In reply to Heiko Tietze from comment #4)
> Maybe I don't get your envisioned algorithm but let's think about pauses,
> meaning you undo until the last pause of typing. This likely fails for most
> users as the speed is different - could be adaptive, of course - and since
> reverting phrases/sentences or anything longer than a word is more precisely
> achieved with selection and delete. OTOH, do you have an example where the
> undo functions works as expected?

No comprendo mucho lo que dices porque Google no traduce demasiado bien
(supongo que desde el Español al Inglés sucede lo mismo).
Pero, en MS Word el comando deshacer utiliza una forma similar a la que he
propuesto. Escribir una página antera puede ser deshecho en 2 o 3 acciones de
deshacer. Ahora, qué método usa, cómo lo logra, no lo sé. Solo se que esta
forma de hacerlo de LibreOffice simplemente entorpece la fluidez de mi trabajo.
No sé si usarán pausas, ciertas teclas, ciertos caracteres, no lo sé. Solo
puedo decir que la forma actual de manejarlo, es demasiado ineficiente.
En Calc creo que es muy útil: cada acción es lo escrito en una celda. Pero
transportar esto a otro programa creo que no es una buena decisión.

I do not understand much what you say because Google does not translate too
well (I suppose that from Spanish to English the same thing happens).
But, in MS Word, the undo command uses a form similar to the one I have
proposed. Writing an anther page can be undone in 2 or 3 undo actions. Now,
what method do you use, how do you do it, I do not know. I just know that this
way of doing it from LibreOffice simply hinders the fluidity of my work.
I do not know if they will use pauses, certain keys, certain characters, I do
not know. I can only say that the current way of handling it is too
In Calc I think it is very useful: every action is what is written in a cell.
But transporting this to another program I think is not a good decision.

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