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--- Comment #3 from Regina Henschel <rb.henschel at t-online.de> ---
(In reply to Thomas Lendo from comment #2)

> - Is transparency technically possible for all other fill commands beside
> shapes and paragraphs according to the odf specification? (@Regina)

There exists fo:background-color for characters, paragraphs, text sections,
frames, page bodies, headers, footers, tables, table rows and tables. The
background-color is a solid RGB-color or total transparent. RGBA color is not

LibreOffice had implemented filling with gradient, hatch and transparency in
some places, violating ODF, see bug 103602 and bug 94768. There is ongoing
discussion how to extend the standard; only for page backgrounds it is solved
in the meantime. Transparency is currently not possible in ODF in a way you
want to provide it in the UI.

(In reply to Nicolas Mailhot from comment #0)
> It is not convenient to open a separate app all the time to compute lighter
> colors.

You can use the color palette "HTML", which has a lot of pale colors. Or you
use the "pick" tool from the Color tab of the dialogs. There you can easily
reduce the saturation. For a character background click on "Custom Color".
First click on "Hue" and set the color, then click on "Saturation" and make it
pale. I doubt, that you need transparency. Transparency makes only sense, if
you have something, which should show through it.

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