[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 66890] EDITING: Double-clicking fill handle should also overwrite down the entire range (until empty cells)

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Wed Jul 3 14:22:50 UTC 2019


--- Comment #17 from p199999991 at gmail.com ---
I am not running Windows and can't test the daily builds, but from what I
understand, bug 108209 causes the fill-handle to no longer work in the
following case:
1. Type 1; 2; 3 in A1 to A3
2. Type =A1 in B1
3. Fill down from B1 to B3
4. Type =A1+1 in B1
5. Double-click the fill-handle in B1

Expected result: The new formula in B1 fills down to B3.

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