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--- Comment #5 from sbucks <sc.it at die-optimisten.net> ---
Thank you for caring about the issue.

What do you mean by decoupling the l10n effort from the release cycle exactly?
Where and when do discussions about bugs and/or UX take place?

IMHO the outlined approach adds an extra barrier for end users before they can
use LibO which they should not be forced to. For security and administration
reasons plain end users (not administrators) usually don’t have permissions to
install software. So they will have to enter administration credentials as an
extra step. In governmental or enterprise environments where they don’t have
them they will fail.
Therefore either they would not have LibO in their native language or the
organisation’s IT department has to build its own LibO software package
including the language pack. 

I looked how the OpenOffice people handles this, see attachment. On their
download site they detect the operating system and language. The user can
change both. They offer a full installation package and a separate language

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