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--- Comment #32 from roland at logikalsolutions.com ---
Please focus on the Lotus SmartSuite 98 version. This was when the product ran
on both Windows and OS/2 and was pretty much the hay day of the software.

Honestly, until I did this search I didn't know IBM didn't officially kill the
product until 2014.


Don't know if I would trust the download link on that site though. It "looks"
like an official IBM download. I would be surprised if IBM just dumped it onto
the PC market for free, but IBM sold off the PC business quite some time ago so
it is possible.

Ebay seems to have some legitimate copies.

I've not used it, but Scrivener has some of the same capabilities.

I would be very careful where one installs it. Lots of people making claims
like this ebay item.

I had a Windows 7 ultimate edition I did manage to install it on. Other version
of Windows it would jack up. Maybe Windows 10 got a bit better about being
backwardly compatible with software really written for 98 and barely updated to
run on 2k? Best to set up a VM with an old copy of 98 or 2k.

There is a really long message thread here:

It's about all things Lotus Organizer and Lotus Smartsuite by professionals and
journalists who still use it. It appears some are successfully installing it on
Windows 10.

If you are "significantly reworking the UI" then you might want to take a good
look at Lotus Organizer
as well as the Smart Center or Command Center (name depends on who you ask.)

The file cabinet drawers were a really nice touch. It made everything feel
completely integrated, especially with Organizer and email. It was and is much
nicer than opening the LibreOffice main application and getting a list of apps
down the side and a screen full of document images.

Just my 0.002

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