[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 68486] FORMATTING: make line end (shift enter) work the same as paragraph end with last line setting 'left' for alignment justified

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Wed Jul 31 22:58:30 UTC 2019


--- Comment #7 from Mike Kaganski <mikekaganski at hotmail.com> ---
(In reply to Thomas Lendo from comment #6)

Please look at Format->Lists->Insert Unnumbered Entry, which is *specifically*
designed for the task. Internally, it creates multiple *proper* paragraphs
under a single list item markup. And all the paragraphs have all necessary
paragraph formatting options; have proper indents (dependent on the list
settings), etc. So - I want to stress it again: as the "manual line break" is
explicitly a feature complementing "automatic line break" happening normally
when a paragraph needs to continue on a new line, it must follow the behavior
on the automatic line break (including the alignment), and only differ in the
manual application; and using is to fake paragraphs is *wrong* (just use the
proper tool for the task).

INVALID IMO (since it tries to *break* the intended usage, trying to make it
suitable for a *hack* that shouldn't be used actually).

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