[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 105176] SIDEBAR: Line width preset drop down control only shows size in points

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--- Comment #11 from bordfeldt at web.de ---
Hello Heiko, now I see a little bit clearer.

I think font height, table borders, line width and so on should be in points.

The measurements of graphical objects like images, rectangles and so on should
be in the localised measurement unit, i.e. cm in german.

The problem for me are still the inconsistencies i.e. table borders in points,
line width in cm. See attached screenshot.

There are two further problems with the line properties in cm:
1. The default line width is 0,0 cm. The line should be invisible, but is
visible. So the default line width should be i.e. 0,05 cm. The next problem
resulting out of this, that the line is visible on the monitor but invisible on
paper, after printing the document.
2. The default step to increase the line width is 0,1 cm which is to big. Is
there a possibility to set this step in options?

Perhaps these problems are solved by changing the unit to points.

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