[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 123974] Paste into a protected Calc sheet should not paste the cell Protected status

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--- Comment #7 from jasonkres <jason at binarycoder.net> ---
FYI, here's the actual case that led to this:

1. User is working on a sheet that is protected.
2. User sees a value in a protected cell that they would like to "reuse" in an
unprotected cell -- including formatting, perhaps with some minor additional
edits to the data.
3. So they Copy the protected cell and Paste it to an unprotected cell. At this
point, the paste succeeds and it looks good onscreen.
4. But the user then finds unexpectedly that they cannot further edit (or even
Delete) the destination because it has switched to be a protected cell. (Their
option at this point is to Undo.)

The reason it is unexpected from the user's point of view is that they think
the cell is one that are supposed to be allowed to edit, and they are surprised
that they were able to alter protection of the cell from unprotected to
protected even though the sheet is currently "locked".

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