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--- Comment #5 from V Stuart Foote <vstuart.foote at utsa.edu> ---
(In reply to 和尚蟹 from comment #4)
> When the software is installed in the "Extension Manager", the "button" of
> the software "pattern" will appear in the toolbar.
> Just like the design of the browser, you can copy the design of "Firefox" if
> necessary.


Most LibreOffice extensions will provide their own developer designed/managed
Toolbars, so probably not a Toolbar.

I could see some utility to extending the Extension manager to place a visible
Icon for each installed extension much as FireFox does with its extensions, or
Chrome does (just for its "user" widget e.g. Guest, or Google UserID), or even
Windows OS does with applet icons placed onto the Taskbar.

Perhaps it could done as a "Frame Decoration" applied to the LibreOffice Main
menu--where we currently have the "X" to close document button, and the
"LibreOffice update available" button located.

Toolbar or Frame decoration, would have to be a framework in core, for
Extension devs to be able to link to.

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