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--- Comment #16 from Keith Curtis <keithcu at gmail.com> ---
The wizards ship as a core feature and run in Python, why couldn't this? It is
good to use a more productive language in LibreOffice whenever possible, and a
research tab seems like a great example of something that would be good enough
in Python.

It is becoming the language of choice for neural networks, data science, etc. I
hope that LibreOffice one day will have PyTorch inside for the grammar checker,
and other places:

I wrote that code because it was an interesting little task for me. I think the
Beautiful Soup filter is a good start to taking the default output of
Wiktionary and making it reasonable enough to fit in a dialog box. There could
be other solutions such as requesting a mobile version. I might try to figure
that out next. Also, it should have an LRU cache to not hit their servers too
much. I'll put that in, as it's just one line of code ;-)

I could investigate how to create a simple UI, or figure out how to create /
update a research tab on the sidebar, but I've not done any LibreOffice UI
stuff yet. If someone else has more knowledge or time to learn, they could take
this Python and keep going. It should be possible to quickly build a very good
extension, and then people can decide what to do with it.

Thanks for the Wollmux reference. I may find their source and go through it.
Lightproof could also be another good starting point:

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