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--- Comment #19 from Keith Curtis <keithcu at gmail.com> ---
I've tweaked the Wiktionary code to work with some more languages, but
eventually it would need to handle langids. I see a useful C++ routine:
https://docs.libreoffice.org/setup_native/html/sellang_8cxx_source.html Is that
information available via UNO?

I discovered that Wiktionary links show up as local URLs, and wasn't able to
fix this via the API, so I changed it on the client side. It's not rocket
science to get data from Wiktionary. Let's add this and other online features

It turns out to be 1 line of code (using a PIP package) to have Google
translate a string of text and I added that to the file. I also got Azure
translation working. It's not 1 line, but it's not bad. I'll go through this:
and find another FOSS one to talk to.

It seems like LibreOffice could hook up to a number of online services, and
have a dialog box which let you configure what is enabled via the right-click
menu. The Azure API needs a key, for example.

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