[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 49033] Change case -> Sentence case doesn't honor selection; case of entire sentence changes (STR comment 20)

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--- Comment #47 from V Stuart Foote <vstuart.foote at utsa.edu> ---
(In reply to Philip Rayment from comment #46)
> I don't know what ICU means, but if I understand you, this would make any
> use of cycling with Shift-F3 and no selection unusable.  Suppose you want to
> capitalise a single word, so place the cursor in that word but don't select
> it.  Instead of capitalising that word, you could end up applying sentence
> capitalisation to the entire sentence, an unwanted and unexpected outcome.

No! In fact the change in comment 45 of explicitly handling selection
state--would restore consistent and expected behavior to the UI and there is
only so much protection we can give to users without impacting function.
If premise remains as for bug 116315, that SENTENCE_CASE belongs in the Cycle
case list (Title Case, Sentence case, UPPERCASE, lowercase). Usage notes in
documentation is sufficient to warn users to make a selection for cycling a
single word.

Besides, this is exactly the behavior now. No selection for the other
transliterations applies just to the ICU word boundaries at text cursor
position,- while SENTENCE_CASE expands from that position to the sentence
boundaries so no regression involved.

ICU -- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Components_for_Unicode

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