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--- Comment #15 from Maxim Monastirsky <momonasmon at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to V Stuart Foote from comment #9)
> @Maxim, Samuel -- any thoughts on comment 3, idea of pushing toolbars
> activated as context onto a Sidebar content panel? 
Sorry, but I don't like this idea. IMHO everything which is in the sidebar by
default, should be done in a "sidebar way" - meaning having dedicated and
carefully designed panels/decks. The sidebar already deals with context-related
stuff in its "Properties" deck - that what it was designed for, with panels for
text, images, shapes etc. And likewise there should be panels for all other
contexts (e.g. tables in Writer), not just as a generic "toolbar inside a
sidebar container" kind solution. And bug 33223 is unrelated, because it talks
about some customization possibility, while here we talk about the default
sidebar behavior wrt contextual commands.

So I agree with Andreas that the sidebar mode should consist of a standard
toolbar (which also server as a place for customization, as the sidebar itself
isn't and won't be customizable to the level of toolbars) + the sidebar, and no
other context toolbars popping ever.

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