[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 72662] Use Different Measurement Units for Line vs Page Properties (e.g. point vs inch)

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Sun May 5 22:04:29 UTC 2019


--- Comment #26 from Roland Hutchinson <gambaguru at gmail.com> ---
Some of you young whipper-snappers may very well believe that all typographical
measurements are supposed to be in PostScript points.

Well, font size and leading are traditionally given in points, but LINE LENGTH
is given in PICAS. When using PostScript points, of course these will be
PostScript picas (1/6 international inch exactly).

When using picas, fractions of a pica should be expressed in points, not as
decimal fractions of a pica. Thus, 10p6 rather than 10.5 pc, or 10p8.2 rather
than 10.6 pc. (Adobe supports this -- so can we!)

Hardcoding any measurement unit as mandatory would of course a dreadful

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