[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 120269] The descriptions of Safe Mode options are misleading

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--- Comment #7 from Kaue <kauenegrao at gmail.com> ---
> Ok, I understand the problem. The first option might be the most radical as
> it can reset everything to factory settings (if things only changed recently
> and there is only one backup available).

You're mentioning a very specific situation, but I think the problem is more
general. I changed my UI months ago (so, it's not a recent change) and this
problem happens: I choose the second option (Configure); the UI resets; I get
confused, because I thought it would happen only if I chose the checkbox "reset
settings and user interface modifications". 

> I would suggest to remove the wording that "the options get more radical
> from top down" [1] which is simply not true and it's hard to order them so
> that this is true in all cases.
> Would that be an improvement?

I think the great improvement would be to make clear what happens when each
option is chosen. Right now, when I choose the option Extensions, the
description says that only things related to extensions will be changed, but
that's incorrect, as other things changes (the UI, for example).

Also, the checkbox "reset settings and user interface modifications" is
confusing, for the reasons I stated above.

Also, it's still not clear, and I still don't know, if the lower options get
applied in a cumulative way with the higher options.

Look, what I'm doing here is giving the point of view of a layman trying to use
the Safe Mode fix his LibreOffice by himself. If I knew more how LO works then
I would give more concrete suggestions.

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