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--- Comment #5 from jonathon <toki.kantoor at gmail.com> ---
I'm going to make a radical proposal here.  I don't know how difficult it would
be to implement this solution.  The primary virtue is that it provides users
the ability to add groups of paper sizes that they use, whilst keeping the
number of sizes down to the minimum necessary for users.

It is a three part solution:

a) Replace "Styles and Formatting > Page Styles >Page >Format" with
""Styles and Formatting > Page Styles >Page >Standard" 

This presents a drop down list of page size groups, that can be edited,
deleted, added to, or otherwise modified by the user.   
Standard groups to be included are:
* ISO A sizes;
* ISO B sizes;
* ISO C sizes;
* Customary Japanese sizes;
* Customary US sizes;
* Imperial British sizes;
* User;

Users have the ability to add additional groups here.

Upon selecting a group, the drop menu lists the appropriate paper sizes.

The User group contains one page size --- "user", whose attributes, including
name and group, must be defined by the user.

b)  Page "User"
This page is basically the same as the current format "User".
The major differences are that:
* The user must select a group for the page;
* The user must give the page a name;
* The page attributes are saved and reusable elsewhere;

c) Write an extension for the "missing" groups of page styles. 
For this specific issue, that would be the RA & SRA series of page sizes. For
a11y organisations, that would be Braille Paper sizes, or Moon Page sizes.

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