[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 125280] Footer can not be made to appear only on the first page after it has been filled with content

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--- Comment #10 from Adalbert Han├čen <adalbert.hanssen at gmx.de> ---
One more thing regarding headers and footers would be, to let them change from
place to place inside a document. This would be particularly important for a
document, which is a master document (e.g. let something appear in the footer
which designates the part from which a section comes). 

If I would have to design such a thing, I would give the user some means to
define a variable in the text (such that it is displayed only, if control
characters are shown but hidden otherwise) and let the headers or footers refer
to such variables. 

Generalizing a bit more, I would let the user also use such variables in his
text alone, let him do concatenations and, if the current value of such
variables is numeric, even do arithmetic with it. Something like the text
substitutions possible in bash... 

If it is about printing or displaying the footer, the last state of such a
variable seen from the end of the last line displayed on that page would be
used as substitution in the footer. For a header, the reference logically would
have to refer to the last definition of the variable above the to be displayed
header, of course. For the very first page, an empty definition for all
variables would have to been taken instead.

Perhaps something of this kind is already in LO or in the definition of the odt
format. If this is the case, a reference to it would be welcome.

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