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--- Comment #36 from Heiko Tietze <tietze.heiko at gmail.com> ---
To summarize, we have these issues:

1. When opening existing documents the table content is realigned depending on
Tools > Options > Writer > Table (see c11) (this issue is relevant whether we
default to on or off since the user may change it manually but wouldn't expect
that just opening a document applies it)

2. The layout of newly inserted tables may differ if the option was changed
meanwhile (again, this is independent from the default).

3. Aligning numbers to the bottom just for formulas is bad. I don't see any
reason to have some values at top and other at middle or bottom depending on
number, date/time, or text and I'm not aware of a norm.

4. The hierarchy of Number Recognition and underlying items is wrong resp. not
respected in the code (as commented in c34, the disabled parent applies to the

We should definitely solve #1. For #2 we could inherit the default option into
a document setting (Format > Page) and store it (wouldn't do that). Or we
remove the alignment option completely (#3). By doing this a single "[x] Number
Format Recognition" checkbox could be enough (and solves #4). 
The easiest but not the best solution for the regression is to revert the
patch, of course.

Any opinion, Regina, Michael?

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