[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 45864] UI: Add "Glue Point deletion" tool

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A Glue point deletion tool would be a welcome addition.
To me there are currently two cases where this is needed:

1- if one places a Glue Point on a shape exactly on top of a corner or center
point of one of the sides of a rectangle for example, there is no way to select
the Glue point after, to move it or to delete it. The shape basic corner or
center point will always be selected.
The Selecting Underlying Objects method doesn't work (Alt+click or
Alt+Shift+click) either in that case.
The only way is to delete the whole shape and redo it.

2- once there is a connector attached to a glue point, you have to detach the
connector before the glue point can be selected.

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