[Libreoffice-ux-advise] [Bug 78916] Custom page size missing from print dialog

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--- Comment #32 from Tylla <tylla_at_documentfoundation.org at tylla.hu> ---
@Heiko: you can never know what the "average printer" for the "average user"
means. Maybe s/he is trying to print some custom labels (where 2"x2" can be
perfectly valid), or maybe s/he has got some insane custom-sized paper which is
only a few mm smaller than the well known A4 but which is really hard to
position if it is printed as A4.
And maybe the PDF printing workaround doesn't work either because it has to be
printed as a brochure which the "Export as PDF..." function doesn't support.
(yes, this is my current problem)

@Cor: lots of printers allow defining custom page sizes on its configuration
pages, some drivers even allow this from client side.

The point is that it is OK to use a custom print dialog on such OS's where this
adds or brings back some functionality, but if this hides some really useful
functionality then it should be considered a bug. Even more if it is an OOo

So please accept this as a bug, and try to give some priority to it.

PS: I'm using LO v5.2.7.2 on Debian

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