[Libreoffice] minutes of tech steering call ...

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Thu Dec 9 10:18:44 PST 2010

Attending: Norbert, Michael, Kendy, Caolan, Petr, David, Rene

	+ Action items
		+ correct threading fixes included [ Caolan ]
		+ take a look at MPL v2.0 [ Norbert ]
	+ Pending
		+ poke Luis again wrt. extension proxies [ Michael ]
		+ work out what mime type / icon schedule is [ Thorsten ]

        + RC1 status
                + 269Mb - prototype (saving ~70Mb)
			+ good to get my patch reviewed & merged
		+ another 10Mb from Sebastian's theme patch (merged)
		+ more to come from writer templates (pending)
		+ Cedric / Miklos poked on rtf build error

       + review release blockers ...
		+ https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=31865
			+ BrOffice helpcontent fixed, misc. l10n issues (Petr)
			  win32 help-pack installer (Michael)
			+ Win32 / context menu (Tor working on it)
			+ unopkg crasher (un-repeatable) [un-block on this]
			+ Win32 l10n issue (fixed)
			+ Disk space issue (partially fixed)
		+ aim for RC2 tagged by end of Monday (?)

	+ wiki help status
		+ RC2 will have help packs
		+ testing xhp -> wiki with en_US translation
		+ multi-lang wiki help for RC2
			+ language URLs to re-use the media wiki way.
		+ as an aside:
			+ wiki help compressed is only 1.5Mb, images are
			  3.4M, interesting possibilities for help bundling
			  in future.

	+ binfilter: disable / badger people on write (with Pierre)
		+ Agreed: if someone wants to rip out the export code
		+ Agreed: add warning dialogs on binfilter for load/save

        + review Governance ...
		+ read through pieces on the call:
		+ Petr - no logical problems with structures, sounds reasonable
		+ David - errs on the side of over-governance & complexity
		+ unrealistic members 'expectation of refraining from life'
			+ some generally don't obey laws so not worried roots
			  of desire to include it are bothering, concerns about
			  over 'professionalism' among hackers
				+ we would like it removed.
		+ existing activity for three months
			+ encouraged by improved bootstrapping process to
			  allows us to include majority of our valued new
			  contributors day one.
		+ annoyance with 'six month moral activity commitment'
			+ doesn't add anything, annoying to people that take
			  the text seriously (Norbert)
			+ perhaps have a special case / MC discretion to fast-track
			  especially good people (Caolan)
			+ at minimum soften the wording if possible 'moral' (?)
		+ overall / otherwise bylaws seem good to all

	+ reviewing old build/ patches ...
		+ pushfont-psstream.diff - merge it, remove duplicate Type42 ver.
		+ speed-local-link*.diff - bin it, for now, re-profile later
		+ Rene working on merging 'Debian' section for 3.4 ...
		+ abandon the go-oo easter egg
		+ add easy hack to remove other known eggs

	+ deferred Wols' issues until next time

	+ strategy for cherry-picking/merging OOo dev300/3.4 changes
		+ ongoing gnumake+xml store merge (Norbert)
		+ cherry-pick things, or merge with git merge
			+ Kendy's preference for merge
			+ do per split-build / component merges
AA:		+ write tooling to retain history across repo moves (Kendy)
AA:		+ extend git tooling to import CWS' too (Kendy)

		+ encourage everyone to submit talks ...
			+ http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/index.php?title=Marketing/Events/Fosdem2011

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