[Libreoffice] Allow Admins to Hide "Enable experimental features"

Olivier Hallot olivier.hallot at documentfoundation.org
Wed Dec 29 16:45:10 PST 2010

Bug 31928, already open.

Em 29-12-2010 22:13, Olivier Hallot escreveu:
> Hello friends
> *If* this has not yet been done, I have a request make the "Enable
> experimental (unstable) features" hideable from the UI, possibly thru an
> XCU configuration file. I can open a bug for the records, just let me know.
> Motivation: In large deployments with tight IT control such option as a
> source of troubles for the help desk, where software stability is a
> must. This option can spark user curiosity and he/she may break the
> installation by ill-behaved (unstable) features.
> I am not asking to remove this option from the code, but just give a way
> to deploy LibreOffice with this option out of the reach of the end user.
> The configuration can even keep the option visible by default, but
> should let us/admins hide it.
> Thank you

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