[Libreoffice] visual formula editor makes unwanted changes to command line

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at t-online.de
Thu Dec 30 04:09:14 PST 2010


next problem with the visual formula editor:

Enter the formula

SS_total = sum from i=1 to N {(y_i-overline X)^2}

in command window. Exit editor.
Double click formula to enter edit mode.

In the visual part click left of the y and delete it and enter x.
Watch the command line changing to

  { { SS rsub total = sum csup N csub { i = 1 } { ( { { { x } rsub i - 
overline { X } } } ) rsup 2 } } }

(1) Short ^ and _ are exchanged with long rsup and rsub. That is bad, 
because to distinguish "sub" and "sup" you have to look very exactly in 
contrast to _ and ^, and the formula becomes longer.
(2)  A lot of additional braces and spaces are added. Bad, because the 
formula becomes longer and it is more difficult to find corresponding 
opening and closing brackets.
(3) The part "from ... to " is exchanged with csup and csub. That is not 
acceptable, because it changes the meaning of the formula.

Kind regards

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