[Libreoffice] LibreOffice Icon Naming

Andrew C. E. Dent ace_dent at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 1 13:31:52 PDT 2010

Hi Andrew
I'm another Andrew who also cares about Icons! (Normally people refer to me by my User name of 'ace_dent').I first started to analyse the problem about 5yrs ago(!) but gave in under the original Sun ownership.I have started the bare seeds of this over on the wiki:http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Development/Icon_Themes
I'm first trying to move the work I did in an earlier audit of all the icons into the wiki, to move things forward. See here:http://people.bath.ac.uk/ea2aced/OOo/OOoIconCat.odt
- Please jump in and get involved!
I agreed with your points, however, I would like to split out large / small icons into two different zip archives. There is some performance reasons for doing this, and makes naming conventions easier, but I think I need some input from coding gurus...
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