[Libreoffice] [PATCH] Another Qt/gtk configure patch

Wols Lists antlists at youngman.org.uk
Mon Nov 1 15:18:46 PDT 2010

I've now got configure autodetecting Qt4, and created an "automagic"
patch. Things are still partly broken because to fix things properly I
need to get rid of OOO_WIDGET_FLAGS, and that's probably a big job ...

Anyways, the patch does the following:

Adds a new --enable-automagic option. As the help says, if enabled, the
default is to switch on everything it finds. If disabled it won't switch
anything on by default. But at present, the only thing it works on is
Qt4 and gtk2.

kde3 support is now disabled by default.

kde4 support is now autodetected, and enabled by default unless you
specify otherwise. Like gtk2, if you specify it and it isn't there, it
will give you an error (can someone test this, I've got kde4 on my
system so I haven't ... :-)

I said it's partly broken because of OOO_WIDGET_FLAGS - I know I've
added enable-automagic to LibreOfficeLinuxDevel.conf.in but it doesn't
do anything there because of OOO_WIDGET_FLAGS, you have to specify it on
the ./autogen.sh command line instead :-( So fixing that is on my todo
list ... :-)

But at least we can get rid of all that "you need
--enable/disable-kde/kde4" crap on the "how to build" and tell newbies
"just use --enable-automagic".

Has anybody still got a KDE3 system? Can you send me the relevant
pkg-config file from /usr/libX/pkgconfig/ so I can try and get that to

And does anybody just happen to know how important OOO_WIDGET_FLAGS is?
If I can just ditch it and move the autodetect stuff into
libreoffice.../configure.in, it'll make life much simpler ...

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