[Libreoffice] Some hints about git please...

Gert Faller gertfaller at aliceadsl.fr
Tue Nov 2 15:02:56 PDT 2010


I'am very new to git (only have used sometimes 'git clone' before) , and I don't
get it very well...

1) I update the 'clone' directory often. No problem with that.
2) I've read that when updating 'clone', 'bin/g' must be run.
   I don't find any 'g' in ./bin/.
3) I don't know how to update easily the source in 'build/libreoffice-'
4) I edit code in 'clone/module' and 'git diff' from there but, for building,
   I have to go to 'build/libreoffice-' where I have done a
   git, modify the patch (paths are too long in it eg :
   a/module/submodule --> a/submodule), 'apply' it, 'build', 'apply -R', and if
   it's ok, get back to clone/module and undo my work (with the editor or with
   'apply -R')

There must be an other way less tedious...


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