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Wed Nov 3 03:12:38 PDT 2010

to a clean slate where you can checkout a codecleanup or feature/project
branch.  Freedom to have Fun.  

I see now that branches can be used to manage various sets of commits that
are in different development phases
('improve'/build/test/debug/rework/prepare/commit).  I used to wonder why
there was not more info on managing a mixture of commits from different
projects: finally I get that branches keep them sorted so there is only a
local mess for a particular project to clean up at commit time.  I should've
read more... 

I hope this helps and is not too far off.  Really - use the Dev wiki and scm
workflow.  Another way git is different is that git was made by an excellent
developer for the purpose of organizing collaboration instead of being the
brainchild of packaging, qa or management to restrict the movement of code. 
I know git should be easy and helpful when I git it down.  I am just
starting to get git to work for me - but I am old and slow.  I will be
reading/re-reading and reading further into the git man for some time yet.  

Havin' a blast...
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