[Libreoffice] Some hints about git please...

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Wed Nov 3 04:17:38 PDT 2010

On Tue, 02 Nov 2010 23:02:56 +0100, Gert Faller <gertfaller at aliceadsl.fr> wrote:

bin/g (and it is in the bin dir of your root checkout) basically
iterates over all repositories in clone and performs an operation in
each. So rather than updating each repo, you would do "bin/g pull" do
update all repos.

> 2) I've read that when updating 'clone', 'bin/g' must be run.
>    I don't find any 'g' in ./bin/.

It really is there:

> 3) I don't know how to update easily the source in 'build/libreoffice-'

Do build in the rawbuild/ directory as that operates directly on the git

> 4) I edit code in 'clone/module' and 'git diff' from there but, for building,
>    I have to go to 'build/libreoffice-' where I have done a
> local
>    git, modify the patch (paths are too long in it eg :
>    a/module/submodule --> a/submodule), 'apply' it, 'build', 'apply -R', and if
>    it's ok, get back to clone/module and undo my work (with the editor or with
>    'apply -R')

If you work in rawbuild and "make" from there, you can directly go into
the directory, make changes, git add <files that you have changed>, git
commit, and extract the patch with git format-patch HEAD^1.

Hope that helps, I am sure there are even more efficient workflows.

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