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> ... Wrt. re-doing the dialog layout - can you 
>hold off on that - Ricardo is working now on some awesome new VCL
>capabilities, and will use the word-count as a first test-case of them.
>These fixes should help translators, and give us a prettier looking UI 
>in due course, but worth not conflicting with him. 
Oh, gladly. You know I view word count as important: certainly it is
valuable to those who use it to do basic project planning from
estimation through assessment of progress to billing (translators,
journalists, authors, medical coders, etc.). I want to see this done and
done well. There are several small/med projects within a full, more
competitive Word Count and the LibO UI is still pretty much a mystery to
me - the newest is then the rumour of a mystery. I would have been
iteratively changing point values in files for hours and gotten nowhere
near the tabbed frame I think the count needs (controls; results + go
btn). No problem at all. In fact, now I can look forward to learning the
best way forward!

Other elements of LibO have called me from (before) the start and I want
to work on them (someday). A basic million-to-one shot will have to do
for no elp right now. Here in counting there is still a stub/sketch back
end and a start on gathering the best of all user input left ... oh yes
and a regression/unit test framework at least -lol -like a dang tar baby
- I touched it now I'm stuck! 


PS No conflict ever intended or sought - clarity, coherence, effective
collaboration are more rewarding and fun. 

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