[Libreoffice] Building on Debian squeeze

Takeshi Abe tabe at fixedpoint.jp
Thu Nov 4 11:09:32 PDT 2010

Hi Caolá,

On Thu, 04 Nov 2010 15:18:04 +0000, Caolán McNamara <caolanm at redhat.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 2010-11-04 at 19:12 +0900, Takeshi Abe wrote:
>> > Added to the wiki, feel free to add any other ones yourself to the list
>> > at http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Development/How_to_build
>> BTW I have found that building on Debian squeeze requires yet another
>> package junit4 as long as configuring with `./autogen.sh --with-git \
>> --with-num-cpus=2`.
>> Can I add it to the above list?
> I don't see why not, go for it.

> However the page does recommend 
> "./autogen.sh ... --without-junit ..."
> which would avoid the need for junit4, but I'm not exactly sure why that
> line is the recommended one. Perhaps because junit isn't universally
> packaged across all distributions ? Or maybe some other reason.
I'm neither sure, but junit4 is also available on sid, lenny, marverick,
lucid, karmic etc. We should note that it can be confusing that at the
same time there is the JUnit 3.x's package named just "junit".

-- Takeshi Abe

> C.

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