[Libreoffice] [PATCH] Fix bug where an opening quote mark is treated as a word

John LeMoyne Castle jlc at mail2lee.com
Thu Nov 4 18:41:18 PDT 2010

Hi Mattias and Cedric, 

OOo issue #i89042 also has a test document that gives expected results over
several selections.  


The issue *appears* to involve only leading special quotes according to that
test and what I observe in OO3.2 with that test document.  There is also
this mention of an AutoCorrect effect being part of the miscount: 

------- Additional comments from theandybarnes Tue Jan 12 23:08:06 +0000
2010 -------
Similar problem found in v3.1.1, with the start quote on words in inverted
These are the AutoCorrect -> Custom Quotes -> Single quotes -> Start quote
U+2018 quotes. No problem with the non-AutoCorrected quotes.

So, I suggest a test with and without auto correct.  Also suggest a test
with the leading quote at a position other than the first in para as in the
test doc (at least one #i speaks of initial leading special quotes getting
left out of actions on paras - but this patch may fix that too :-).  The
solution Mattias found is beyond my understanding of the break iterator and
SwScanner but sure looks nice and tidy.  I also don't know all the other
functionality based on the scanner etc. so I wouldn't know how to test for

After a while spent reviewing some of the *many* related issue reports, I
think similar tweaks may be needed for internationalization problems
reported with the count.  One report spoke of failure to count CKJ
characters in compatibility mode and I see similar tokens a few entries down
from the patch point.  

Hope this helps  --  LeMoyne
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