[Libreoffice] [PUSHED] Re: [PATCH] Easy Hacks : RTL_CONSTASCII_USTRINGPARAM in libs-core 3

Caolán McNamara caolanm at redhat.com
Mon Nov 8 07:14:39 PST 2010

On Sun, 2010-11-07 at 19:29 +0100, Gert Faller wrote:
> HI,
> here are some more in libs-core

All good, except BACKEND_SERVICE_NAME isn't a define or a [] so that one
would have resolved to ... sizeof(char*) which is always 4 on 32bit
machines and 8 on 64bit machines, i.e. not what we need here. To keep
things simple I changed it to a define instead :-)


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