[Libreoffice] How to build for 3.3

Thorsten Behrens thb at documentfoundation.org
Tue Nov 9 12:27:22 PST 2010

Miklos Vajna wrote:
> 2) I'm attaching two patches:
> a) Avoid the usage of git-branch (usual problem: git-branch is a git
> porcelain command so its output may change any time without notice).
> b) Don't check if master is checkout out, check if the branch is the
> same as the branch of build.git, so that people won't get a warning
> during proper libreoffice-3-3 build.
> Is it OK to push these patches to libreoffice-3-3?
Hi Miklos,

yes, your changes are clearly an improvement. Re. master -
bin/transform is indeed gone, maybe rerun autogen? I'd like to have
them on master, too. :)


-- Thorsten
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