[Libreoffice] ooo/OOO330_m14 merged into libreoffice-3-3

Jan Holesovsky kendy at suse.cz
Thu Nov 11 10:51:55 PST 2010


$SUBJECT, and now I wonder how to do it best with master.

Either we can merge the entire libreoffice-3-3 there, or we can merge
just ooo/OOO330_m14, and continue cherry picking between master and

Merging libreoffice-3-3 into master (maybe even regularly) will give us
the advantage that we won't forget to add anything that happened on that
branch to master.  OTOH - if we disable/revert something on the branch,
we will most probably revert it (by the merge) in the master too.

Even with this risk, merging from libreoffice-3-3 to master is my
preferred choice, I am more afraid of forgetting something (happens so
often!), than of accidentally disabling something.  Also, when we start
merging more regularly, we can do the fixes that should appear in both
branches in libreoffice-3-3 only, and they will be merged anyway.

I do not want to decide it without consulting you :-) - so comments

Thank you,

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