[Libreoffice] Suggestion needed for External Edit functionality.

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Fri Nov 12 11:39:21 PST 2010

Hi Thorsten,

> It Did, It did. When I Hit compile and when it worked I was litreally
> jumping in my seat. :) Will clean up code and submit the patch soon
> enough. Thanks for the help very much :)

I have attached the new snippet I have come up with. There are few
issues I faced.

1) The postUserEvent is a way of asynchronously doing it. But had a
tough time sending the processHandle as a part of data sent to the
Event handler method. So had to use a deprecated method to get the
ident and pass it across. That worked though the method was

2) The thread is not blocking as expected when osl_ExecuteProcess is
called and since it does not block, no other threads get executed. So
back to the problem of LO window hanging up. Probably I am using a
wrong osl_ProcessOption ?

3) I get Unknown status when the external process is exit and
joinProcess is called. But I guess that is expected for the process is
already exit by the time join process is called ? Not sure how to
handle this scenario from a genuine scenario

Once the process handling issues are resolved, just have to uncomment
the commented code to handle the importing of the new grahic into the
old graphic's place.

Waiting for your input :)

PS: The LGPL License in the file I had mentioned was copied from a
file in a folder to where this file should go. Please suggest the
proper license to be used for patches :)

Learning < Doing
Learn By doing.
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