[Libreoffice] Minutes technical group call

Cor Nouws oolst at nouenoff.nl
Fri Nov 12 15:34:01 PST 2010


I assume there has been discussion on the topic below, but to add:

Michael Meeks wrote (11-11-10 15:01)

> 		+ avoid at all costs per-language installers - Michael
> 			+ excessive build / mirror / delay problems

> * on-line Help download
> 	+ in extremis can have a link on the wiki, to offer help download

> 		+ yeah, extended tooltips are in help
> 		+ these are helpful one or two sentences of
> 		  what it's doing. internally the description
> 		  is in the help files - Andre
> 		+ loosing it acceptable, if no crashes - Andre

What is presented by e.g. Ubuntu installer is quite useful, for as far I 
can judge (no idea if it is true for all languages)

- Installer offers my native language
- During installation, installing/downloading full language support is 
added (and fall back to do it later, in case there is no internet 
connection at that moment)

On top of that, we can also add the choice to download install full 
Help, including extended Help tips.

Note: for distribution via CDRom, and maybe also via the distro's, full 
installation including translation and Help is most appropriate IMO. Not 
all on our planet have easy access to fast internet.

Ciao - Cor
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