[Libreoffice] Menos de R$ 0,50 por Recarga

Jonathan Aquilina eagles051387 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 12 23:30:06 PST 2010

just trying to make it easier on you so its hands free sorting for you. i
wonder how well mailman would interface with spamassassin. if you need some
help with anything like spam sorting etc just let me know :)

On Fri, Nov 12, 2010 at 5:24 PM, Thorsten Behrens <
thb at documentfoundation.org> wrote:

> Jonathan Aquilina wrote:
> > does mailmain auto black list spam email addresses?
> >
> Haven't looked deeper into the config options there - currently,
> recognized spam ends up in the mod queue, and I make it a habit of
> adding the sender address to the "dispose" list. So effectively,
> they're blacklisted after the first occurence.
> Cheers,
> -- Thorsten

Jonathan Aquilina
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