[Libreoffice] Proposal: Enhancements in Easy_Hacks Wiki Page

"David Schröder" david.schroeder at sectra-gera.de
Sat Nov 13 13:35:51 PST 2010

I'm quite sure, I'm on the wrong list because I am not a developer,
but reading this list is a private fun and a remember of an old time
15 years ago.
Back to topic again: I found that the Wiki Page needs
some improvements for the view of all people reading:
Here I have 4 proposals after the "skills" I could insert:
1) Still working here: -> names of volunteers
2) Need more help in: -> e.g. calc isn't reviewed, than calc
3) coordinator for this issue: -> contact the maintainer
4) work in progress -> percent of "DONE"
or some in this mind.
I can't write just one line of C++ or another computer language, but I can help
to maintain the wiki,
helping QA and translation to German and yes, if you find a German string you
can't translate
and need it for a "perfect" patch, please contact me, just for 3 words if
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