[Libreoffice] Proposal: Enhancements in Easy_Hacks Wiki Page

Sebastien Delvaux sebasgokart at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 14 00:50:29 PST 2010

Hey everyone, i already sent an email when after i saw this one, i "speak" c#, 
html, basic, applescript and a bit of javascript, i'm learning php, and trying 
python. But i am pretty interested in making a graphic view of libreoffice 
(logos, wiki, etc.) but i need snapshots of the app. or a big description.
 S. Delvaux

Sebas IDesign
Programming & Graphics
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go for it. i dont think we should let the wiki become outdated. i honestly think 
an effort needs to be made to keep it as up to date as possible. one wiki that 
doesnt get too much attention is the ubuntu one. that has stuff still on there 
going all the way back to the early releases.

On Sat, Nov 13, 2010 at 10:35 PM, "David Schröder" 
<david.schroeder at sectra-gera.de> wrote:

>I'm quite sure, I'm on the wrong list because I am not a developer,
>but reading this list is a private fun and a remember of an old time
>15 years ago.
>Back to topic again: I found that the Wiki Page needs
>some improvements for the view of all people reading:
>Here I have 4 proposals after the "skills" I could insert:
>1) Still working here: -> names of volunteers
>2) Need more help in: -> e.g. calc isn't reviewed, than calc
>3) coordinator for this issue: -> contact the maintainer
>4) work in progress -> percent of "DONE"
>or some in this mind.
>I can't write just one line of C++ or another computer language, but I can help 
>to maintain the wiki,
>helping QA and translation to German and yes, if you find a German string you 
>can't translate
>and need it for a "perfect" patch, please contact me, just for 3 words if 
>LibreOffice mailing list
>LibreOffice at lists.freedesktop.org

Jonathan Aquilina

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