[Libreoffice] Suggestion needed for External Edit functionality.

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Sun Nov 14 12:55:07 PST 2010

Hi Thorsten,

First of all, Many thanks for all the help through out :)

I have attached the patches ( I have re-based with the latest
origin/master as of Sunday Night IST ) for the First cuts of the "Edit
with External Application" functionality. I have seen it working
nicely in Gnome based (just needs the eog command actually).

Moving Further, I would like to add the following items to make it a
full fledged items across all platforms.

1) Making it work in all OS/platforms:
Currently I just call eog as the external application(eye of gnome -
an image viewer application). Instead a file chooser dialog can be
provided which can be used to choose the application to run. This can
work well with Mac OS ( have to prefix "open -a <app location> " to
the file name and supply it for the osl_executeProcess method ) and
Linux ( not much different from the current implementation ). For
Windows, just supplying the full system path of the file should open
it with the registered application for the mime type.

Is there a better way to Handle this ? Also, if they user has once
selected an application, how to 'cache' that selection for that
session/computer ?

2) Undo/Redo Option:
Need to dig a bit more into how to add this functionality.

3) Window repaint issue:
Most of the times, the Graphic object is still showing the old image
after closing the external application but this happens because
somehow the writer window is not repainted. If I scroll down and
scroll up again, it repaints it and everything is good. (digging up on
this and will try to complete this on my own :) )

Please do review the code as well as the above items and let me know
how to proceed. Would love to hear any other comments/suggestions as

PS: Thanks to spaeth for the git rebasing squash magic.

Learning < Doing
Learn By doing.
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