[Libreoffice] BmpColorMode removal from libs-gui

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Mon Nov 15 08:59:40 PST 2010

Hi Joseph,

On Sat, 2010-11-13 at 07:32 -0800, Joseph Powers wrote:
> Last night I submitted some patches to remove most of the code related to
> BmpColorMode from libs-gui.

	Great :-)

> The only remaining references are in:
> 	vcl/source/gdi/bitmap.cxx
> 	vcl/inc/vcl/bitmap.hxx
> 	vcl/source/gdi/bitmapex.cxx
> 	vcl/inc/vcl/bitmapex.hxx
> 	vcl/source/gdi/image.cxx
> 	vcl/inc/vcl/image.h
> 	vcl/source/gdi/impimage.cxx
> These items not only use the normal BMP_COLOR_NORAMAL & BMP_COLOR_HIGHCONTRAST,
> have some bitmap transformation code.

	Riight; so - this is odd.

	In the abstract - there should be no monochrome display support in
LibreOffice. To paraphrase my Product Manager:

	"It is an outrage that my phone is only 16bit color"

	So, clearly removing monochrome support is fine.

> As far as I can determine, the MONOCHROME settings are never used outside
> of bitmap.cxx & bitmapex.cxx.

	It leaks out in only one place here:


> The big quest is: is anyone attached to this code or can I just remove it?

	Please remove it.

> I could also try to remove the BMP_COLOR_HIGHCONTRAST code from these
> files and leave the other sections intact.

	We should (I think) also remove any other unused IMAGE_DRAW_ flags -
AFAICS the nStyle parameter is almost never used there:

	bin/g grep IMAGE_DRAW_HIGHLIGHT # likewise, and 3DLOOK etc.

	IMHO we could perhaps clean all that up with a nice (proper) enum
DISABLED / NORMAL and an nDrawDisabled param to the outdev DrawImage.

	As you see - the more you poke, the more cruft we find that can be
chopped out happily :-)



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