[Libreoffice] Problem building sw (writer) in debug mode under Linux

Giuseppe Castagno giuseppe.castagno at acca-esse.eu
Tue Nov 16 07:01:03 PST 2010

Tor Lillqvist wrote:
>> Now what it's the right flag to use to surround a debug specific code: 
> I recently did a build with --enable-dbgutil so that it would use the debugging C++ library on Windows. (As such that was mostly useless, it didn't help me find the cause of the problem I was seeing.)
> (I did not use --enable-debug or any debug=x options to individual build commands, which would have set OSL_DEBUG_LEVEL, too.)
> That build revealed several places in the code where as far as I could see there was a mixup between these two things and I got compilation errors. I fixed things up so that my --enable-dbgutil build compiled and linked. But it is entirely possible that this then broken stuff for a build with just --enable-debug or debug=true but not --enable-dbgutil.
>> I confess I'm a little confused :-).
> So am I, and disgusted. I am not sure at all that we really want to keep this distinction between --enable-dbgutil and --enable-debug (and then there is also --enable-symbols) in LibreOffice. Nobody understands it.

Due to the fact I need sw entirely build for debug, I'm revising part of 
the sw module, in order to use OSL_DEBUG_LEVEL, to realign the code to 
what you and some other developer did.

So using debug=true on the command line should do the trick.
At the same time, on the build command line you can specify the 
corresponding debug level with dbglevel=n, where n is the number that
end up into OSL_DEBUG_LEVEL, giving you some different level of 


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