[Libreoffice] Icons

Andrew C. E. Dent ace_dent at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 16 11:54:17 PST 2010

Hi Sebastian,
I had a quick look through the updated Default and Hicontrast sets.The following is a list of 'features' spotted...

* brand/shell * Still in Default (not sure if this is used? Would suggest deletion...):backing_hc-pt_BR.png , backing_right_hc-pt_BR.png
All artwork in hicontrast is just stock (not hc). I have created a HC replacement (just hacked together), that saves 53.5KB > 0.8KB! Download here:http://people.bath.ac.uk/ea2aced/OOo/Backing_HC.zip

* chart2 * Move 7x HC icons from Default to hicontrast:dataeditor_icon_h0*.png
* dbaccess * Delete two extra icons from hicontrast:sx03187.png , sx16670.png
* framework *Replace Branding images in hicontrast as before:http://people.bath.ac.uk/ea2aced/OOo/Backing_HC.zip
* res * In hicontrast, delete 6x stock filetype icons:od*_32.pngThese are something we probably want to eventually replace with proper HC icons when the final 
artwork is designed.Note: In Default/res/ - 445 icons, in hicontrast/res/ - 307 icons. This disparity may be due to 
redundant icons that need stripping out eventually.
* sfx2 * Move closedochc.png
* svx/source/svdraw * From Default, move over (and check this doesn't break LibO!):cropmarkersACC.png , markersACC.png
* toolkit/source/awt *From Default, move over 12x HC spinner images:spinner03-32-hc_0*.png
* vcl * Move closedochc.png
* General *Remove all Placeholder icons (Red cross on Yellow square) from hicontrast theme. They have not been stripped from Default yet, but we might as well cleanup here anyway. They may be 122, 161 or 170  bytes. Can be found in (but may not be limited to...):res/ and res/commandimagelist/

Hope that helps,Andrew


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