[Libreoffice] Git server-side hooks

Miklos Vajna vmiklos at frugalware.org
Thu Nov 18 16:22:13 PST 2010

On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 04:52:56PM +0100, Jan Holesovsky <kendy at suse.cz> wrote:
> Sorry for that, I did not see all the consequences :-(
> It really sounds as reverting is the safer choice - Miklos, can you
> please do that?

I just did so in the libreoffice-3-3 branch. If it's urgent, I can
cherry-pick it manually to master before you would merge it anyway.

> [For me, the best would be a 'read my mind' kind of pull - if you pull,
> and have just few commits up to 2-3 days old, and no merge commit among
> them, it would do 'pull -r', otherwise 'pull --no-rebase' :-)  I'll try
> to improve the merge hook warning that way, so that it warns only in the
> cases where 'pull -r' is really the better choice; currently it shouts
> too often.]

What about just not shouting in case you are on a feature branch? Then
the only false positive will be when you merge OOo tags, but you know
what you're doing and that's rare.
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