[Libreoffice] feature/rip-build-repo - branch for removal of the need of the 'build' repo

Jan Holesovsky kendy at suse.cz
Thu Nov 18 19:18:46 PST 2010


In case you are interested to try to build without the 'build' repo (the
rawbuild/ way), you can try to get the feature/rip-build-repo branch
which I hope is going to become the 'official' way of building soon ;-)

git clone git://anongit.freedesktop.org/libreoffice/bootstrap libo
cd libo/
git checkout -b rip-build-repo origin/rip-build-repo

./autogen.sh [flags that you normally use in rawbuild/]
./g clone
make dev-install

[./g is there in toplevel, but can be in bin/, I am not sure what is
more convenient for you?]

How does it look like?  The repos are again in a clone/ subdir, but this
time, they are linked to the bootstrap toplevel (libo/ in the example
above), so you 'feel' like having everything at hand.  'g' works both on
bootstrap and the repos in clone/, so you don't need to do "git
something && g something" any more, one "g something" is enough.

It is not ready for integration yet, TODOs:

- ./autogen.sh should work without params for most uses (ie. default to
  the same values as ./autogen.sh in the build repo does)
  - this means tweaking the default values according to the

- ./g clone should be called in ./download, when necessary

Let me know if you actually prefer to have it integrated ~now, it should
not interfere with the build/ repo in general, and would allow/pressure
others to help me fix the above mentioned TODOs :-)


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