[Libreoffice] [Patch][EasyHacks] Replace ScfRef with boost::shared_ptr in calc filter code

Nigel Hawkins nigel.hawkins at inmail24.com
Fri Nov 19 10:29:07 PST 2010


Attacking another item on the easy hacks page.

The attached patches should remove ScfRef (which was used more than I
thought it would be) and replace it with boost::shared_ptr.

Most of them are very simple. The last one is to replace all uses of the
ScfRef.is() function.

ScfRef had a note about being used instead of shared_ptr because it was
faster. Some simple profiling suggested it was about two and a half
times faster, but that unless we're throwing these around in their
millions, there wouldn't be any significant (or even noticeable)
performance hit.


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