[Libreoffice] [EasyHacks] cppcheck of entire code at http://libreoffice.boldandbusted.com/

someone at boldandbusted.com someone at boldandbusted.com
Sun Nov 21 19:38:48 PST 2010

Howdy. To help with EasyHack "cppcheck cleanliness", I've set up
automated reporting on http://libreoffice.boldandbusted.com/ . Here will
live a report generated from a complete scan of the entire LO codebase,
generated every 4-6 hours, against a fresh update from the various git
repos with LO code. Right now, the report contains both "style" and
"error" cppcheck issue types (via --enable=all passed to cppcheck).
Later, I may make a front page which leads into distinct reports for
each cppcheck issue types. (I haven't done this yet because that would
require a new full code scan, which takes about 2-3 hours, just to
create each report type; I'm hoping to figure out a way that minimizes
generation time.) 

This was done with the advice and help of hoonteke (who got me on this
path), dtardon, kohei_, caolan and shm_get on #libreoffice (and others
who looked at my "alpha" reports over the weekend). I think there might
have even been some bug squashing already as a result of this report.

My next improvements may be:
* Implement some sort of HTML/XML visual diff
* Archive reports over time, and provide some way of viewing them via
* Tailor the CSS for LO's purposes
* Run code scans and reports on cppcheck's development branch to help
cppcheck's devs to improve their software

So, this will be two EasyHacks I've helped with! :) Being a Linux
SysAdmin/Architect, my expertise is with systems, not large application
coding, so I'm happy to help in these sorts of areas. More "janitorial"
work, rather than "corner office" work that you real coders are doing.

Jesse Adelman
Bold and Busted LLC

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