[Libreoffice] Are ISC/BSD-licensed contributions acceptable?

Gioele Barabucci gioele at svario.it
Mon Nov 22 00:47:43 PST 2010


in bug #31633 I proposed a patch to one of the export filters. It looks 
like my contribution has been positively received but I have been asked 
to explicitly state that my contribution is licensed under the usual MPL 
1.1 / GPLv3 / LGPLv3 and to add the standard LibreOffice license header 
to my file.

While I have no problems with the usual LibO license, I prefer releasing 
my contributions under the ISC/OpenBSD license [1]. While it is legally 
possible to integrate ISC-licensed code in existing MPL/GPL/LGPL code 
bases [2], I would like to have an explicit assurance that using such 
licensed code is OK in LibreOffice.

So, the question is: are ISC/BSD-licensed contributions acceptable?


[1] The ISC license is a BSD-like license. It is very short; without the 
usual warranty disclaimer it is just:
Copyright (c) 20YY John Doe

Permission to use, copy, modify, and/or distribute this software for any
purpose with or without fee is hereby granted, provided that the above
copyright notice and this permission notice appear in all copies.

[2] http://www.softwarefreedom.org/resources/2007/gpl-non-gpl 

Gioele Barabucci <gioele at svario.it>

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