[Libreoffice] Suggestion needed for External Edit functionality.

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Mon Nov 22 03:57:39 PST 2010

Hi there,

On Mon, 2010-11-22 at 10:50 +0530, surenspost at gmail.com wrote:
> Here are the few alternatives I can think of :
> 1) register an event Listener to listen to any change of that
> temporary file. And update the graphic in the call-back function of
> that event listener. Remove the event listener after graphic update is
> done ( Not sure if file based even listeners are available)

	That's quite a nice approach; so the document should live update as you
save in the new editor. Unfortunately I don't believe that we have a
good system abstraction for this currently - so, we would probably want
a thread / idle handler that sits there polling the file every second
(on the second to save power).

> To be honest, I didn't anticipate these many issues when I chose to
> work on it, but I am getting to learn a lot about Libreoffice code
> base this way. This really is a good beginner bug :)

	And you're a good beginner - persisting with it :-) Thanks !

	Great stuff,


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