[Libreoffice] Windows installer: what languages in multi/all_lang? - SDK: Why different version number?

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Tue Nov 23 08:00:12 PST 2010

Hi Christian,

On Tue, 2010-11-23 at 16:07 +0100, Christian Lohmaier wrote:
> It would be nice to have some point of documentation that lists the
> included languages, otherwise people have no chance to tell whether
> "multi" (that already is huuuge) is enough, or whether they need the
> all varian (which is even larger).

	Right - it would suck to have to download two of these :-)

> I'm sure there are requests already for a basic installer that would
> fetch the optional parts from the web during installation.
> (languagepacks (including help) for Linux/Mac are about 12 to 20MB.
> That would give me a better feeling than downloading 300MB and not
> having help...  (140 (english with help) +20 - just half the size)

	Sure - I appreciate it is big; on the other hand - it is all inclusive,
and we have a -lot- of low hanging fruit to shrink that size - in the
last days alone we've shrunk many megabytes from that in master (at
least); and I think we're on track for reducing the size of the
installer to the point that no-one really cares anymore. Perhaps we can
back-push some of that to libreoffice-3-3



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